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Shalom Evangelist Evangelical Charity
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Shalom Evangelical is non profit Organization, non denominational charity organisation established in 2010 with the main aims of winning souls for Christ, uplifting the broken hearted and providing welfare support to the needy and vulnerable. 


Shalom Evangelical Ministries proclaims the good news through the distribution of bibles and tracts to individuals and churches alike. We also focus on individuals and lost souls by taking advantage of social media platforms like facebook and twitter where we post daily messages on the word of God.


We pride ourselves in the distribution of food items, essential commodities and food vouchers to the following institutions: homeless peoples' homes, prisons, orphan children homes, respites/hospice, battered women/domestic abuse and asylum seekers. We are a totally commited vessel to this cause as many of these under privilegded people do not know there is an ultimate help in the person of Jesus Christ.


Click here to watch videos of people and children that have suffered from poverty and hunger in many regions of the world

The churches in oneness and unity has played a very significant role towards the eradication of poverty in the world.

The latest news of charity events, activities, achievements and also alerts on occurences of  many regions of the world.

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