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 As unctioned by Jesus Christ, when He came over 2000 years ago, the churches from that time up until now have played a very important role in the world's mission of eradicating poverty.


Everyday more missions and new projects are embarked upon towards this goal. The people of God understand that the work is plenty and the labourers are few, so they endeavour to create a huge awareness across board while utilising the limited resources to create maximum impact.


In Africa, which is flooded with foreign charity organisations, a huge percentage of the churches are partakers of this mission and to date, have made reasonable and somewhat remarkable impact in this area. Though the hunger and health conditions in some of these regions are very life threatenning, the impact to counter them have been at par with the needs and demands.


Some church charities listed above have made reasonable impacts are :


 Christian Aid


 Global Connections 


 St. Thomas the Apostle Church Hanwell 


 TES (The Evangelization Society) 


 South American Mission Society (SAMS) 


 Christian Enquiry Agency 


 Baptist Union of Great Britain 


 CCF Tapes 


 Basingstoke Community Churches 


 The Scriptural Knowledge Institution 


 Northwood Missionary Auctions 


 Logos Ministries 


 Welcombe Church of England Sunday School 


 The Kings Church 


 Good Shepherd Ministries International - UK 




 Washington Church of Christ 


 Music & Worship Foundation 


 Truro Cathedral 


 Leading the Way Europe 


 Wood World Missions 


 St.Gregorios Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church UK 


 LifeLine Community Church 


 The Christian Community 


 Ark Angel Trust 


 Christian Outreach Centre 


 Y Care International 


 Council for World Mission 


 Global Care 


 France Mission


 To mention, but a few.  At Shalom Evangelical Ministries, we believe and know that we are part of that world mission and have set up various machineries towards achieving this goal for Almighty God.


 The machineries include a very dedicated and well-trusted board of trustee, a large pool of volunteers that will be readily available when called upon to carry out our charity duties. Fundraising tools and available funds for the effective implementation of our laid-down projects.









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