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Shalom Evangelical was founded by Evangelist Samuel Oduekun, originally from Nigeria. Evangelist Oduekun hails from the western part of the country and has spent most of his life in the United Kingdom. A well balanced, upright christian and through his God given aunction , he has been able to reach out to many far and wide in the course of fulfillment of this purpose.


Evangelist Oduekun, is a member of various charitable organisation and leads a team of evangelist who go out to spread the gospel and win souls for Jesus Christ. A strong passion for God and a rare drive to bring people to know God has been a pillar in his various endeavours. 


He is married to his lovely wife; Sister Mary and their marriage is blessed with 3 lovely children.


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Shalom Evangelical is non profit, non denominational charity organisation established in 2010 with the main aims of winning souls for Christ, uplifting the broken hearted and providing welfare support to the needy and vulnerable. 


Shalom Evangelical Ministries proclaims the good news through the distribution of bibles and tracts to individuals and churches alike. We also focus on individuals and lost souls by taking advantage of social media platforms like facebook and twitter where we post daily messages on the word of God.


We pride ourselves in the distribution of food items, essential commodities and food vouchers to the following institutions: homeless peoples' homes, prisons, orphan children homes, respites/hospice, battered women/domestic abuse and asylum seekers. We are a totally commited vessel to this cause as many of these under privilegded people do not know there is an ultimate help in the person of Jesus Christ.


Since inception, we have engaged in many projects that are fulfilling our aim of coming into being in various manners. The projects include:


With a good team of workers, volunteers and board of trustees, we have been able to make some significant strides in this endeavour, however, we realise and are conscious of the fact that for more to be done, we need a collective cooperation and partnership of our fellow christians and the general public through their donations and support. Every penny is an increase in every fashion.




A very well selected board of trustees have been elected to over see the huge task involved in reaching the vision and the mission and they include:


  • Evangelist Samuel Oduekun (President)

  • Sister Mary Oduekun (Director)

  • Emmanuel Oduekun (Manager)

  • Bishop Joel Thomas (Trustee)

  • Mrs Nancy Bourne (Trustee)                  

  • Pastor Vincent Bamgbowu (Trustee)

  • Mrs. Favour Ogbuagu (Trustee)






Our vision is clear! We know Christ and we know He is rich so we evangelise to the poor and needy while providing welfare to them. This creates a Christ awareness in their hearts and the ultimate truth of the richness in Him. We end poverty and help the under-priviledged become Christ conscious.




To spread the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ worldwide through every open outreach.


To distribute bibles and tracts.


To provide welfare supports to the needy and vulnerable with other charity organizations and institutions as channels


To distribute food items, essential commodities and food vouchers to the needy.


To post the word of God and prayers on our social media pages regularly to glorify God and uplift souls




Souls - We value the human soul and through our great works hope to redeem as many souls as God permits us from the path of destruction.


Passion - We are driven by an inner passion to fulfill this God given mandate and as such are relentless in this pursuit.



Fairness - We strive for fairness in this unfair world through transparency and an awareness that all humans are equal in the sight of God. 



Courage - We believe in going to far lengths and breath to speak the word of God and give welfare - " the righteoues are as bold as a lion" - proverbs 28 V 1.


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